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Pink Moon Planning

I plan to mark the Pink Moon on April 11th by doing something extra loving for E.

As part of my Time Perspectives project, I’m planning out how to celebrate the full moons this year. When I originally wrote the post, I said that I wanted to do something extra intentional or loving for my partner.

But what does that actually mean? How do you act extra intentionally toward someone, and how do you act in a way that they perceive as loving?

Months ago, E and I discussed our love languages with each other. His are primary love languages are acts of service and physical touch. Mine primary love languages are words of affirmation and quality time, with an honourable mention to acts of service.

The minimal crossover between our love languages is a little like our challenges with spoken language. While we both speak English and French, there will be times when we end up squinting at each other mid-conversation when a colloquialism or new verb gets thrown into the mix.

So what are some good ideas to communicate, with love language fluency, how much I care about E this Tuesday?

Acts of Service

  • Make dinner : I cook very, very rarely, and a good way to show E that I love him would be to plan and cook him dinner.
  • Clean the kitchen : another thing I do very, very rarely, as I usually handle the laundry, the bathroom, and the surface level tidiness around the house.
  • Fold his t-shirt and boxer drawer : despite the fact that I pack away our clothes at the turn of the season, I stopped folding the clothing in E’s drawer once I realised that he still rummages through it in the morning just as he would if things were unfolded. Still, he has said that appreciates the look of a clean drawer, so this is an option.

Physical Touch

I know there’s a pretty obvious option for physical touch… But let’s think outside of the box/the bed for this one.

  • Back and scalp massage : I’m halfway convinced that E is secretly a very large house cat… He can fall asleep during a good scalp massage, which may be a great option for Tuesday night.
  • Meet at the Metro, hold hands: It’s silly, but as I’m off work, I could meet E after he gets off the train from work and do some quality hand-holding on the way home. He swings our hands together and it makes me imagine what he was like when he was very small.

Even though receiving gifts is not terribly high in our love language rankings, I know a few things that would make E really happy to receive.

  • Sancerre : there is a very particular bottle of Sancerre that friends brought when they came for dinner that E adored, but when we tried to go to the wine shop, it was so crowded that we gave up! I could go back to look for the wine on Monday.
  • Coffee : our favourite coffee shop of all time is a solid 25 minutes away from the house, and the beans are just about double the price of Starbucks coffee, so we rarely get it for the house. Still, it’s not an enormous amount of money, and it would probably make E’s week to be able to relax with his favourite coffee after work.

I’m going to mull these ideas over for a few hours and figure out what will work best for Tuesday to mark the Pink Moon with my darling heart. Happy Full Moon of the Month, everyone!


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