Life in Paris

A Short List of Beautiful Things

I saw some great stuff this week.

  1. A woman in the market with a trolley full of lilies and ranunculus.
  2. A man, maybe a few years younger than me, walking up to the door of an apartment, combing his fingers through his hair, taking two puffs of his inhaler, and squaring his shoulders before ringing the buzzer.
  3. Minou, E’s parents’ cat, greeting us very loudly at the car door when we came for a visit.
  4. The man behind the counter adding extra garlic sauce to my falafel even though I still mispronounce the word for garlic.
  5. My friend’s new apartment that she’s leasing until December, after she had to move 9 times last year.
  6. A picture of my coworker’s 3 year old son.
  7. The three rounds of applause for a new teacher after she finished her last course with my cohort.
  8. Tiny, metal, origami charms on a simple chain.
  9. A member of the co-op who I hadn’t met before, who asked me where I was from and said that he adored my accent.
  10. “1 heure, 20 minutes” of call time next to my mother’s name in my phone.
  11. The new buds on the branches of trees all over Paris, but especially in the (spectacularly taupe) Champs de Mars.
  12. My supervisor’s smile when I discussed to his work as a great “untangling” of the many needs of the clientele.
  13. The fountains outside of my office window against the very blue sky.
  14. A very long message from a very dear friend with important news about her life.
  15. Our clean kitchen in the early morning light.

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