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Declaration Day

The tax saga continues.

Despite my previous misadventures through the French tax system, things seemed to have worked themselves out.

I went down to the tax office for a third time this week in order to officially declare my minuscule revenue to the French government. I needed another form, having managed to mess up which amount went in which column on my 2042. After waiting in a longer line (all of 10 minutes) I received yet another blank revenue form, and made my way to the nearby tables to fill it out.

I had earned 600€ on a French contract that year, which I proudly marked in the “revenue” column.

The rest of my money, which is more of a transfer considering that it came from my American account, fell under “pensions alimentaires.” I dutifully noted down my slightly over-estimated P.A. amount (as I’m not in possession of my full 2015 bank record), and signed the form.

I took it back to the desk, and the gentleman who had given me the form helped me mark that I did not own a TV, and that I was a colocataire (leasing my apartment with E). I gave him the copies of our rental agreement, and that was that!

With one last reminder to come back at the end of April to pick of the 2042 for 2016, I was off!

I have few things to do to prepare for the 2016 declaration.

The first is that I need to watch my mail, just to see if my tax number arrives. I had been told the first time that it would not be ready before the summer/fall, and that I would need to do a hardcopy of the 2042 for 2016. Yet, this time, I got a “peut-être,” a maybe, when I asked if I could declare my 2016 revenue online.

The second thing that I will need to do, regardless of how I declare for 2016, is to request a full record of my deposits from my banker.

Ordinarily, I would be able to use both my paper statements and my online statements to sum the deposits I made in 2016. But, because this is France, it is not so simple.

We moved in May of 2015, and I set up mail forwarding for six months from the Poste so that we wouldn’t have an issue with changing our addresses with the bank.

There was, of course, an issue. I went twice to my bank to try and change my address using our electricity bill, which is in both of our names but I pay.

I was informed, by a person who had originally tried to deny me a bank account, that I would not be able to use the EDF statement because there was a misspelling of the word ‘building’ / ‘batiment’ on the form… I returned with the same form a few weeks later and they told me the same thing.

As you may imagine, having this infuriating conversation twice was enough for me, and I simply cursed their name and stopped thinking about it. My statements were arriving with the mail forwarding, and I planned to return to the Poste for another six months of mail forwarding in December. When December arrived, we went back to the US for Christmas and it slipped my mind and my to-do list.

By the time I wondered where my bank statements were, it was nearly the end of March, 2016. I went the my online dashboard for my bank account to see if anything could be done automatically. I signed up for online statements, which became available to me in April, 2016.

Our old apartment must have received at least three of my bank statements, and they may continue to receive them to this day. I wasn’t able to reach the new owners of the apartment, but no untoward expenses have ever appeared to suggest that they did anything other than simply recycle my statements.

I was only able to change my address this month. While I don’t believe that I still receive paper statements, I won’t know until the end of the first week of April when one either arrives (giving the occupants of my old address a break), or doesn’t.

In any case, I need to make another request to my bank for the record of how much I deposited from January to March, 2016. Considering that they have all of my information, I’ll let them do the leg work and simply request the total for the entire year.



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