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Time Perspectives : Moon Cycles

I’m trying a new thing and feeling a little wee-woo about it, but here we go! 

One of the things we talk about in psychology, and by we I mean Philip Zimbardo, is time, and the way that we perceive time. There are 6 main ways of thinking about time:

  1. Past-focused, positive (you remember the happy times.)
  2. Past-focused, negative (you focus on regrets or failures.)
  3. Present oriented – hedonistic (you focus on the now and enjoying the moment, avoid pain.)
  4. Present oriented – fated (your life is dictated by your circumstances so planning doesn’t matter.)
  5. Future oriented – learning to work rather than play to plan for the future.
  6. Future oriented – life begins after death, so the future is much farther away.

Time perspective and orientation, then, has to do with how we divide our time and how we think about the passage of time. Our attitudes and excitement levels can influence how we understand the pace of our life, and how we understand our orientation to time.

Culturally, (and geographically) we organise ourselves around similar paces of life. A fast pace of life is associated with coronary disease in men (yikes!). Similarly, the idea of re-starting and renewal is related to our time perspectives, i.e. the changing seasons, the new year, etc. When we get to a moment of transition or change, we think (often incorrectly) that on the other side of that moment we will be a different person.

We give power to an otherwise arbitrary moment: January 1st is probably not a fundamentally different day than July 1st, but January 1st is the start of the entire new year, whereas July 1st is just the start of July.

Even if we are not always able to follow through on the goals we set for our different selves at the beginning of a new moment in time, these times of transition tend to feel good. They’re full of possibility and potential.

I’ve been trying to build these moments of potential into my life, and in effect, looking for ways to give myself many “New Years Day” feelings throughout the year. I thought about treating the end of the month like that, i.e. the start of July 1st is the start of my New July and therefore my New July Me.

Unfortunately, when I looked at my calendar, I tend to be pretty solidly in the middle of certain activities or trips on the various 1st days of the month this year. That said, a lot of things lined up around the 2nd week of the month : an election, my thesis defence, my dad’s visit, an application deadline, my first day of my internship…

The full moon calendar, according to the Farmer’s Almanac, also lines up pretty well with the middle of the month.

So, once I got myself together (I missed the Wolf Moon and the Snow Moon), I got a plan together for my full moon moments this year. I definitely feel a little Sabrina the Teenage Witch about it, because for some reason, working toward a stronger connection between my sense of time and the natural phases of time feels like something that’s taboo. I’ll explore that feeling more as I unpack it better myself.

Here’s a list of moons that I’ll be observing, and the mini list of New Me Activities that I’d like to do to celebrate each full moon. I’ve only written up until August, as I’m 100% unsure as to what I’ll be doing on September. Once I pass through each full moon, I’ll link to a post about it that you can access by clicking on each date. After June 12th, I’ll be able to update the rest of the year as well!

March 12th – Worm Moon/Storm Moon : plant flower seeds, welcome friends into my home, and apply for next steps in my career (either graduate school or jobs, or both!) Here’s a follow-up post on how marking that day impacted my month.

April 11th – Pink Moon : do something extra loving – give or make a gift for E. Be loving to myself, find a way to be extra gentle that day. Be loving to my family, especially while hosting my dad in Paris – create a special day for him in the city. Here’s an extra post on some of the ideas I had for this moon!

May 10th – Flower Moon : visit the Jardin des Plantes, bring flowers into the apartment, embroider a flower onto one of my t-shirts, prepare to receive the results of an application on June 6th.

June 9th – Rose/Strawberry Moon : visit the Jardins de Bagatelle to see the roses, move forward on / from the application results on June 6th, depending on the outcome. Emotionally prepare to defend my thesis on June 12th by trimming my hair and double checking my suit.

July 9th – Buck/Blessing Moon : have a picnic on the Seine with friends, or take one of the river tours on a boat. Gear up for my last month at my internship!

August 7th – Sturgeon/Fruit Moon : Celebrate the end of my internship and whatever adventures are on the horizon. Clean my apartment from top to bottom in preparation for the month of vacation and my family’s visit.



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