Challenges, Goals, Immigration, Life in Paris, Reflection, Relationships

Bienvenue à Better Beans

This year, I’m growing some better beans.

This little alliterative metaphor represents a writing project that will allow me to take stock of my life as I leave graduate school, enter the French job market, and navigate my third (and final?) round of the immigration process in France.

Here, you’ll find some of the peculiarities of my life, my goals and my challenges, a peek into my immigration saga, and the bushel (get it?) of ideas that I’m trying as I set up my “best life” without the structure of graduate school.

In 2017, I’ll graduate, find a job, reflect on relationships and on the intersection of policy and real life, share some little pieces of Paris and the challenge of legal residency, all while sorting through my changing budget, diet, habits, and joys. If you’re ready to follow along, bookmark my blog and stay awhile.

Welcome, to Better Beans.


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